Amo Petric
Amo Petric is an online professional skincare and beauty brand for pets. Founded in Denmark, their mission is to provide a better living experience for pets with 100% natural ingredients. They also donate a percentage of their profits towards animal adoption charities.
The object is to create a packaging that truly showcases the organic and natural feature of the ingredients and the brand’s love for our non-human best friends. The main audience of this products is pets’ owners in China. 
Since the concept of skincare for pets is very new in China, I designed each package with different icons based on the function of the product. Combining with a color that similar to the kraft paper, it achieved an organic and friendly impression. Each product comes with a card designed with the illustration of the main ingredient and a sentence written by the founder. The two typefaces were designed to give a lovely and cute impression of the brand. The photographs were taken by the In Light Studio. 
This project was featured by The Dieline
Amo Petric是一个关怀宠物健康的品牌,主要受众是养狗,有爱心,希望给狗狗健康开心的生活,并且愿意为狗狗购买保健品的人士。根据客户对品牌人性化,健康,宠物护肤的定位,我做出了此次宠物护肤系列设计。


本套设计重心关键词为:有机,因此,主体颜色选择了接近牛皮纸的浅褐色搭配纯白色和纯黑色,整体风格更加简洁,以体现产品原料纯天然,可以放心使用的主要特点。为了给品牌消费者更好的品牌体验,我设计了一系列写着温馨话语的卡片,放在盒子内部,卡片的文案由客户撰写,设计延续了外包装简洁的风格,同时,为了强调产品“天然、有机”的特点,在不同功能产品卡片的后面加上了该护肤产品主要成分的插画。包装的主体字体选择的是几何感比较强,给人友好感觉的非衬线字体,卡片文字选择的是可爱自带萌感的手写体Caveat Brush,体现一种有爱和温馨的感觉。
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