I worked as the Art Director for a weekly city magazine with a readership of 30,000 called Vox magazine during the summer of 2015. I was in charge of designing the cover and layouts for a feature package and also held pitch and design meetings every week. I worked closely with reporters, editors and photographers to create the final solution. 
The designs for two of these feature stories won the 2nd and 3rd place of the Multi-page Story Design at 2016 SSND College News Design Contest
This feature story was published on Oct. 29, 2015. This package includes several stories about the problems that came with the growth of this city and interviews with the mayor and residents of Columbia. For the cover, I like this amazing silhouette photograph that shows a building is under construction. The simple lines and shapes created a graphic look and conveyed the meaning of a "growing" "boomtown." 
As for the inside pages, the photographer took a lot of building shots, construction detail, and aerial shots, but the color of these photographs varied from each other. The light and form in the scene were more compelling than the hues of the subject. So I toned them into black-and-white and added yellow as the spot color to create a graphic style for this story. In this way, audiences won’t be distracted by the color of the photos and could focus on the messages where I wanted this package to convey. 
“The face of development" is a story about supporters' and skeptics' views towards the plans of Columbia. Since I did not have photos of all the person the reporter interviewed and a lot of shots were only available online, I created pen style illustrations for these Columbia residents, so that they worked in harmony with the style of this package.​​​​​​​
The design of this package won the 2nd place of the multipage story at 2016 SSND College News Design Contest. 
This feature story was published on June 18th, 2015. I designed the cover, inside layout, and created the illustrations. This is a story about the resurgence of mead, an artisanal alcohol made from honey, and the local man behind it. The making process of mead was my main inspiration. When I was doing sketches for my spreads, I wanted to carry the concept of this honey-based alcohol over this package, which is how I ended up with honeycomb as the main elements of my design.​​​​​​​
The design of this package won the 3rd place of the multipage story at 2016 SSND College News Design Contest.
This feature story was published on Nov. 9, 2015. This is a story about how tasting, selections, and pairing can help people reader reach sommelier status. The splash of wine was my main inspiration. I created the illustration of wine pouring from a wine bottle to a wine glass for the cover to fit with the "uncorked" concept and carried the watercolor style over this package. The color theme of this package came from the main photography on the intro page of this feature story. Pink and purple perfectly fit with the content and style of this package. 
There are the covers for Vox Magazine. The cover on the right is a story about sexual assault happened at the University of Missouri and what has been done to prevent it. I made different negative words into the rain and used an umbrella to metaphor the actions that MU students did to avoid sexual assault. 
Freelancer is a magazine prototype project for Advance Magazine Design Class at University of Missouri (MU). Freelancer is a magazine about freelance artists. It provides a platform for young artists and designers to present their works and connect them with the jobs markets. This mission of this magazine is to encourage young artists, especially students, to share ideas, thoughts, experiences, and imagination, and to grow, learn and get inspired by others works. Freelancer is also for companies and organizations who want to hire freelance young artists or designers.
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