Two sides of Yo
Two sides of Yo is a redesign project for "Meiyou", a mobile application that provides assistance related to the menstrual helath, beauty, and overall health of Chinese females. The target audience for Meiyou is women aged from 15 to 35.   
This project aims to create a new look for the main character of Meiyou,"little Yo", and, at the same time, maintaining the original feature of Yo. Little Yo is a three-year-old girl with a big head, round face and a grapefruit seedling on her head. 
Every girl has two sides. Based on this concept, I designed two different outfits for Little Yo---angel cloth and devil cloth. Angel Yo shows the gentle and tender side of a girl. She is innocent, lovely, considerable, sensible, and sometimes a little bit naive. By contrast, devil Yo is the kind of cute, smart and naughty girl, who is full of creative ideas. She likes teasing people, but not being too annoying. Even if she made some mistakes, people will not bear to punish her. These two cute characters is presenting both sides of a girl.
Character Three Views

Key words: wings, halo, light blue, white, innocent, lovely

Key words: wings, red, blood, tail, horn, naughty, smart, cute

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