Chinatown Night Market
Think! Chinatown is an NYC non-profit with a mission to foster intergenerational community through neighborhood engagement, storytelling, and the arts. Chinatown Night Market, a summer series of art and food is their marquee annual event—an open-air cultural festival located in Manhattan’s Chinatown. In light of the rise in Asian hate crimes across the country and the unpredictability of a post-COVID world, I felt compelled to get involved and partner with this organization to create the branding and campaign work to amplify the event and engage and empower this vibrant neighborhood and API community.

This project is featured in CREATIVE BOOM and Lifestyle Bazaar.
Work done as a Senior Designer at the Working Assembly, April 2022
Contribution: Logo & Visual Identity Systems, illustration
Client: Think! Chinatown
Art Director: Jolene Delisle
Project Manager: Rachel Kalson
Designer: Reilly Megee, Site Ma
Illustrator: Site Ma
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