Pásame is a makeup tool company founded by celebrity makeup artist Aliana Lopez on the principles of accessibility, empowerment, and independence. The Working Assembly partnered with Pásame to develop a visual identity, brand strategy, and art direction that evokes the warm, accessible, and sophisticated nature of the brand.
Work done as a Senior Designer at the Working Assembly, Dec 2023
Contribution: Logo & Visual Identity Systems, Packaging, Brand Guidelines & Toolkits 
The modern color palette is inspired by the dawn skies over Lake Como, a place of inspiration for the founder and a way to evoke a certain lifestyle. The wordmark includes a custom “P” that mimics the natural curves of the brushes and is paired with a key icon that alludes to unlocking artistry with your Pásame tools.
Elegance meets emotion through the art of touch, therefore our art direction is inspired by sensory delights—tranquil waters, blooming flowers, and the warmth of the sun. The photography style captures moments with a mix of macro crops that show the brush in action alongside environmental and botanical blurred still lifes, plus candid portraits that are warm and soft with sunkissed lighting.
Client: Pasame Beauty
Art Director: Morgan Stephens, Verena Mitchelitsch
Project Manager: Christine Ventrella
Designer: Morgan Stephens, Site Ma
Illustrator: Site Ma
Motion: Collie Hyunsoo Jung
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