VR experience

Imaginrium of Taste
Imaginarium of Taste visualizes the five basic tastes through abstract landscapes. A mix of sounds, colors, shapes, and movements evokes feelings of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. The piece uses interactive 360 animations to create a range of immersive experiences, inviting the audience to enter the terrain of Virtual Reality.

This is a 360 Video, click and drag to see the whole environment

Motion Posters

My exhibition space is located right beside the door of the Decker Gallery. I put the series of motion posters on the right side of the projection so that visitors could see it whenever they walked past the gallery.

The takeaway postcards are designed to enhance sharing experience. 
The front of the card shows the same image of the poster in the exhibition. On the back of the card, people can see the instruction and code to scan and see the motion.
The interactive projection is designed to let visitors go through my project without putting on the VR headset.

By touching and drugging the trackpad on the pedestal, visitors are able to see the whole environment of the space through this 360° video. The sound dome is set right on the top of the pedestal to give the visitors a more immersive experience.

After putting on the VR headset, people can see the VR environment They can also interact within the scene or move from one terrain to another with the VR controller.

Interactive VR experience

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